Strategist. Storyteller. Problem solver.

A collection of mid-1960s Mazda Cosmo coupes at the Mine Proving Ground in Nagao, Japan, Nov. 2015.

Hey! I'm glad you found my website.

As a business journalist at Automotive News, I had the privilege of chronicling the most pivotal moment in transportation since the Model T.

After a while, I knew I didn’t just want to write about this revolutionary era. I wanted to shape it. So in 2016, I left to get an MBA at Georgetown University, focusing on strategy. Since then, I have consulted for Porsche, Toyota and several automotive technology startups. For my capstone project, I am advising a $900 billion sovereign wealth fund on how electric, autonomous and shared vehicles will impact the fund's infrastructure investments.

As of Jan. 1, 2018, I am seeking full-time opportunities for after I graduate in May 2018. I am also a freelance communications consultant, specializing in helping clients tell stories in a persuasive and memorable way.

Want to talk? Drop me a line. (You’ll find a link to my email address at the top of the page.)